• Containers, boxes and cartons

    Samson will supply “tote” cartons which are uniform in size (making them easier to handle, thus speeding the move and saving you money). Tote cartons fold together and do not require tape for assembly or sealing(more saving). They are extremely strong, cheap and Samson will credit any unused carton.

    If you decide to utilize other cartons, make sure they are thoroughly taped closed. Cartons are stacked when moved; therefore, please don’t over pack them. Flat tops on cartons will speed the move. Tag cartons on both ends. Do not tag cartons on top! All packing should be completed prior to the start of the actual move. Be sure that all cartons are properly assembled. Leave a two inch space on top of each carton.

    The Company has special cartons and boxes available for electronic equipment, libraries, bulk supplies, lamps and other breakables. If you require special cartons or packing services, ask your Supervisor to advise the Consultant.

  • Personal items

    The mover cannot be responsible for your personal possessions, such as legal papers, money, lighters, fountain pens, etc. For your own protection, we suggest that you move these items privately. If you need special containers, ask your Consultant.

  • Desks, credenzas and chairs

    Desks, credenzas and storage cabinets are moved on their ends. Unless the contents of these items are completely emptied and packed into cartons the contents will fall out and be lost. Pack all contents. This includes current working papers, letter trays, books and other desk top items.

    Important: Seal paper cups, pencils and all other loose materials in envelopes and then pack them in cartons. Protect all glass receptacles with paper or other stuffing. Leave glass tops and pads on top of desks for the mover to handle. Desks and credenzas are tagged on the top surface. Chairs are tagged on the back rest.

  • Photocopy machines

    Photocopy machines need to be serviced by the manufacturer or service contract agent before being moved. Failure to do so may void your machine’s service contract or warranty. Generally, after they’ve been serviced, these machines are bubble wrapped and moved via air-ride padded vans. Do not move copiers with toner installed! Remove all tone and liquids from these machines prior to moving day!

  • Bookcases and storage cabinets

    Empty them completely and pack the contents into tote cartons. Bookcase shelf pegs should be removed and packed away for safe keeping. Loose bookcase shelves should be tagged separately and laid down in the bottom of the bookcase. Bookcases are tagged on either side, or on top. Storage cabinets are tagged on the upper right hand corner.

  • Desk Letter Trays

    Empty papers and pack in correctly marked cartons.

  • Carded Files

    Keep rods and file guards tightly drawn. Bind loose cards together with rubber bands in batches of about 150 and pack in cartons.

  • Furniture Casters

    Remove loose casters and pack in cartons.

  • Odds & Ends

    Pack desk clocks, calendars, rubber stamps, bookends in cartons or if special packing is required, notify Move Consultant in advance.

  • Employees Consolidating

    Consolidate your office belongings with those of other employees being located in your immediate area at the new location. This will help conserve carton space.

  • Electronic and Telephone Service Equipment

    Utility servicemen will have been notified in advance of this move. Remember, telephone servicemen are required to disconnect phones secured to desks.

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