Samson’s Fine Art Moving Services

Fine art is a precious, one-of-kind asset. That said, it’s absolutely critical the you choose the best movers to relocate your fine art. Whether you’re moving several galleries or a few individual works of art, Samson will be there for you to ensure that every step in the relocation process goes exactly as planned. When you choose Samson, you can be sure that your masterpieces arrive on time at their new site, and that they look spectacular. Be it a Miro or Renuar, or any other work of art, you can be certain that Samson will go to great lengths to keep it safe throughout the moving journey. Please get in touch with Samson today to learn more about our fine art relocation services.

The Art of Fine Art Moving

Samson’s fine art and antique moving logistics professionals use their extensive experience and knowledge to safely transport your art, and save you time and money in the process. Samson Moving and Storage is the tri-state’s most reputable relocation company, and specializes in fine art moving. The most renowned museums, art dealers, collectors and interior designers have depended on Samson year after year to deliver them superb, flawless fine art moving services. Don’t risk losing or damaging your art–choose the most dependable movers in the New York and tri-state area: Samson.

Indeed, our philosophy here at Samson is that fine art moving is in itself a kind of art form. The refined interplay of logistics coordination, packing, transportation and installation comes together in the fine art moving dance. Every step in the process is expertly executed with zero miss-steps. We care deeply about the well-being of your valuable artwork and precious antiques, and do absolutely everything to keep them safe during the relocation process. With our network of affiliates in the fine art community, we built the best support network for your assets. Samson offers you consolidation and dispersal, climate-controlled storage, crating, packing, installation, courier services and more. With Samson, everything can be arranged to meet your fine art moving needs. Please get in touch with us today to receive a free quote and consultation.

Trust Samson for Your Fine Art Moving Needs

  • Skill: Hands down, Samson offers you the most dependable, professional fine art moving team. The members of our staff execute their jobs in perfect coordination with one another, ensuring you a flawless art relocation experience.

  • Experience: As the region’s oldest and most established moving company, we bring our customers extensive knowledge and experience to ensure their complete satisfaction.

  • Flexibility: We offer you a great deal of customization when it comes to your fine art moving experience. We cater to your needs at every step of the way.

  • Cost and Time Effective: We save you time and money with our efficient, prompt, and dependable fine art moving services.