Samson Storage Services are Perfect for Everyone

Moving your home? Transferring the office? Samson storage grants you the convenience you need to make the relocation process run smoothly. Samson offers you exceptional storage services. With Samson, you can enjoy easy access to secure storage facilities at a location near you. You can store your belongings for as long of as little as you like, and customize virtually every other aspect of your storage experience. No one takes better care of your valuable assets than Samson.

Secure Storage from Samson

No matter how long you wish to store your possessions, we have safe storage facilities waiting for you at the ready in New York and New Jersey. We pride ourselves on providing storage services to both commercial and residential clients, and we always grant our customers flexibility when it comes to rent and pricing. Our storage facility consists of multiple 5′ x 7′ x 7.5’ units which are sealed off individually. We can store as little or as much as you would like, and you can always take out or add items to your storage unit.

Our vaults are highly secure, as they are equipped with surveillance personnel and cameras working around the clock. We have various anti-theft and anti-fire systems installed throughout the facilities, plus fresh new locks in place, so we can guarantee our clients the highest level of security against all kinds of threats. Each storage vault is categorized, monitored and tracked by our advanced, in-house inventory management system. The climate in our storage units can be fine-tuned to suit your belongings perfectly, so you can be certain that your sensitive belonging–including artwork, musical instruments, electronics and more–will remain in pristine form. Our storage spaces are fresh, clean and spacious.

For our corporate clients, we offer a document storage program that will help your office free up space and cut back on costs, as well as risks. We can easily store your business’s documents off-site, thus offering you flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind. We provide our corporate clients with specially designed and highly secure storage vaults that keep all their documents safe and organized for any given period of time. Rapid retrieval of your documents, or a specified portion of your documents, is readily available. Moreover, if you would like to safety dispose of confidential documents you no longer need, you can easily do so with our safe document shredding services.

Samson takes great pride in ensuring the safety and well being of your assets. Commercial and residential customers in the tri-state region continue to prefer Samson for all their storage needs. Whether you are looking to store a few important document or, rather, an entire office, Samson is here for you to cater to your every need. Call on Samson for dependable storage services that give you peace of mind, and take care of clutter. Store your belongings on our premises for a competitive rate, and we will take treat it as well as you would! Call us now for consultation and to learn more about our special offers.

Why Choose Samson for Your Storage Needs?

  • Security: Our storage facilities are highly secure against all risks, including theft, fire, mold and more. With security measures in place and climate-controlled facilities, you can sure that your items are safe.
  • Flexibility: With Samson, you can easily access our storage facilities, and you can always customize everything about your storage experience with Samson.
  • Cleanliness: We keep our storage vaults and facilities impeccably clean, fresh and renovated.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive prices and flexible pricing packages.