Samson Movers New York will identify the placement of furniture and equipment at your new facility by number, not by name. When coding the floor plan, each person and each area being moved must be identified with a single room or area number. To help the movers identify placement location, placards with the proper room numbers must be affixed to the entrance of each individual area and/or room at your new facility.

Everything must be tagged! For example; when a desk has a removable return, both pieces are tagged. Each piece of computer equipment is tagged (i.e., monitor, CPU, keyboard and cable bundle).

Everything must be tagged no matter how seemingly inconsequential (i.e., floor mats, white boards, trash cans, etc…). Untagged items will not be moved. This great level of detail means less supervision will be required at your new facility (Remember, the mover’s time is your money).

Proper tagging and placing placards accordingly will be a key factor in achieving an organized and smooth-flowing move. It will save your company time and money.

  • Moving computer and desktop equipment

    Computer equipment must be disconnected by your Company. You know how important it is to have hard disk drives backed up prior to the move. Service, warranty or leasing agents must be notified in advance that you intend to move the equipment. Do not pack these machines; just leave them on top of their desks or stands. Typewriter carriages must be centered. All machines must be unfastened and disconnected. Pads and covers for machines should be placed in a carton. Samson New Jersey Movers will give particular attention to all of these units.

    Personal computer equipment will be bubble-wrapped and packed into bins by our trained NJ movers. Typewriters and other large desk-top business machines should be properly tagged, disconnected and left on their respective places. Samson Movers New York will bubble wrap each machine and pack them into appropriate bin containers.

  • Steel shelving

    Assembled units must be cleared of all supplies and stock before they can be moved. See your movers for recommendations on tagging steel shelves holding stock. Most types of steel shelving should be dismantled prior to attempting to move it.

  • Work benches and tables

    Surfaces must be cleared of all items. Drawers must be emptied and the contents packed into cartons. Workbenches and tables are tagged on the top work surface.

  • Pictures, white boards, maps and bulletin boards

    If secured, remove these items from the walls. Tag each piece according to Tagging Instructions by Samson New Jersey Movers. Place them on end, back-to-back in mover-supplied picture cartons. If the item does not fit in a carton, lean it against the wall and our New York movers will take it from there. Consolidate small pictures in a single carton. Cushion with packing material, such as newspaper.

  • Keys and locks

    Where locks and keys are available for any items being moved, keys should be wire tagged, coded to the locks they fit into and packed in a safe place.

  • Delicate and fragile material

    Mark all breakable and delicate materials as ‘FRAGILE’ to assure special handling. Be sure to advise the Supervisor or any person of authority who will be present at any point during the move of the sensitive nature of such items. Samson Movers New Jersey cannot be held responsible for the mishandling of fragile materials that are not marked accordingly. Proper labeling and communication is essential in moving delicate items safely.

  • Standard-Vertical (narrow type) file cabinets

    Standard-vertical (narrow type) file cabinets will be moved with their contents intact. Securely tighten the file holder in the back of each drawer to prevent the contents from slipping. Standard-vertical (narrow) file cabinets are tagged on the upper right hand corner of the top drawer. Samson NJ movers will shrink-wrap cabinets and place them on a dolly.

  • Lateral-Horizontal (wide type) file cabinets

    Due to their light construction and tremendous weight when full, lateral-horizontal (wide type) file cabinets must be emptied with the contents packed into cartons. Leave only the two (2) bottom drawers of lateral (the wide type) file cabinets full – all drawers above the bottom two drawers must be completely emptied. Failure to do so may result in damage to the cabinet, your facility or injury to a Mover or Employee.

  • Safes and fireproof filing cabinets

    Check with your Moving Consultant to determine proper handling. Roll-a-lifts, Masonite (to protect the floors), or heavy rigging equipment may be required. Check elevator load capacity for extremely large safes.

  • Map cases, drawing and tracing files

    These items must be moved on end. It is recommended that they be completely emptied prior to being moved. Map cases, drawing files, and tracing files are tagged on the top drawer or on the upper right hand corner.


Experience has taught us that thorough planning, preparation and cooperation between Samson, and your Company will eliminate confusion, minimize down time, and will save you money. Please feel free to call us at 212-752-5040 if you have any questions regarding preparations for your move.

Samson is a equal opportunity employer located in and operates under the authority of the NY Public Service commission. Samson is covered by Comprehensive Public Liability, including General Liability, Automotive Liability, Warehouse Legal Liability, Cargo Legal Liability and Worker’s Compensation. Samson’s goal is to build enduring business relationships with our customers. This is achieved by offering quality relocation services backed by highly responsive customer service.

We hope that you find our suggestions helpful.

If you have any questions regarding preparations for your move, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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